Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors announced the sale of micro EVs in 2022


Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors announced on the 27th that they will launch a new type of electric vehicle (EV) jointly developed in Japan at the beginning of 2022. In terms of the promotion of decarbonization and the development of intensified micro-EVs, it intends to be ahead of other automakers in launching the market.

The battery capacity is 20 kWh, and the battery life is about 170 kilometers on a single charge. After accounting for subsidies from the central government, the actual purchase price is expected to start at about 2 million yen (about 118,000 yuan). Reduced vehicle prices through unified chassis and joint procurement of on-board batteries.

The car has a total length of about 3.4 meters and a width of about 1.5 meters. It adopts a size that is flexible and easy to drive. It is also planned to be equipped with driving assistance technology. Production will be undertaken by Mitsubishi Motors’ Mizushima Works (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture).

Nissan plans to sell all electric vehicles in major markets in the early 2030s. Mitsubishi Motors is also striving to achieve global sales of 50 electric vehicles by 2030.

Honda plans to release a mini EV in 2024. Toyota Motor, Daihatsu Industry, and Suzuki are also jointly developing small EVs such as mini vehicles.