Honda will discontinue production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle CLARITY


Honda will stop production of the “CLARITY” fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that runs on hydrogen within this month. Due to the closure of the Sayama Plant (Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture) where the car was manufactured in 2021, insufficient hydrogen stations and high prices have become a bottleneck, and sales continue to be sluggish. The FCV in Honda’s product line will temporarily disappear, but will continue to develop new models in response to decarbonization.

CLARITY has plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) and FCV models, both of which will be discontinued. The FCV was launched in 2016 with a suggested retail price of 7,836,400 yen (approximately RMB 460,000). It is only launched in the Japanese and American markets and is sold in the form of leases to enterprises and government departments. As of the end of June this year, the sales volume was only 268 in Japan and 1,685 in the United States.

Honda’s policy is to change all new cars sold to electric vehicles (EV) and FCVs by 2040. Initially, it planned to cooperate with CLARITY’s suspension of production and release new FCVs. However, it is said that development has been delayed due to the impact of the new crown epidemic.

Of the FCV passenger cars sold, domestic manufacturers will only have Toyota’s “MIRAI”. There are very few hydrogen stations in the country, only about 150. If the number of cars used does not increase, it will not be improved. Honda stated that “in order to realize a hydrogen energy society, FCV must also be introduced in the future.”