Aurus hydrogen fuel vehicles will be unveiled at the Eastern Economic Forum in 2021


The press office of the Russian automobile manufacturer Aurus revealed to the satellite news agency that the Russian luxury car brand Aurus hydrogen-fueled vehicles will be unveiled at the 2021 Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

The source told the Satellite News Agency, “Aurus will participate in the Eastern Economic Forum for the first time this year. The Aurus Auto Pavilion will display Senat mass-produced vehicles and the promising R&D product of the Russian National Institute of Automobile and Internal Combustion Engines, namely the Aurus hydrogen fuel vehicle.”

The Aurus Senat car was put into mass production in Yelabuga on May 31, 2021. At that time, the first laboratory prototype of the Aurus hydrogen fuel vehicle was also launched. Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov conducted a test drive. Manturov said that the mass production version of this car is planned to be developed before 2024.

Manturov pointed out that in addition to the hydrogen fuel series, Aurus Group is also developing electric and hybrid models.

Aurus is Russia’s first luxury car brand, and its product line includes stretch cars, small cars, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles. The project, code-named “Kortekh”, was assisted by the Russian National Institute of Automobile and Internal Combustion Engines (NAMI) with the assistance of Vadim Shvezov’s Sollers Group and the UAE Tawazun Fund Implement. The state’s investment in this project amounts to 12.4 billion rubles (about 170 million US dollars).