Toyota will reduce production of 360,000 vehicles worldwide in September (AutoTrader)  August 23 –Toyota Motor Corporation revealed on the 19th that global production in September is expected to drop from the originally planned 900,000 vehicles to approximately 540,000 vehicles. This will be a large-scale production cut that is 40% smaller than planned. In the context of increasingly short supply of global semiconductors, the expansion of the epidemic in Southeast Asia has caused the procurement of parts and components to stagnate. With the loosening of the parts supply chain, the auto industry, which leads Japan’s economic recovery, is facing a test.

During the period from August 24 to September, Toyota will have the Motomachi Plant (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture), Toyota Motor Kyushu’s Miyata Plant (Miyawaka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), and Toyota Motor East Japan’s Miyagi Ohiro Plant (Miyagi Prefecture) Oheng Village) and 14 other factories in Japan. A total of 27 assembly lines implemented production adjustments. There are even cases where production will be suspended for 22 days in September. Major models such as the Crown, Corolla, Prius, Yaris and Alpha will also be affected.

The September production cuts, in terms of regions, include 140,000 domestic vehicles, 80,000 vehicles in North America, 80,000 vehicles in China, and 40,000 vehicles in Europe. It is said that the other August production cuts include approximately 20,000 domestic vehicles.

Auto giant Toyota’s procurement capabilities have been widely recognized, and compared with other manufacturers, the impact of insufficient parts is limited. However, the new crown epidemic in Southeast Asia has led to the expansion of the lockdown. As local suppliers were greatly affected, Toyota was forced to cut production this time. The spread to other manufacturers is also worrying. On the other hand, Toyota’s production target of 9.3 million vehicles in 2021 remains unchanged. Allegedly because the risk of impact from the epidemic has been estimated.