AutoTrader is a foreign trade platform for overseas vehicle sales. It is the largest digital car market in the UK and Ireland. Up to now, the main business of the platform includes cars, bicycles, RVs, trucks and so on. AutoTrader has more than 10,000 retail customers and attracts more than 50 million cross-platform visits every month. AutoTrader aims to become an international trade center for vehicle sales, with clear goals and precise positioning. AutoTrader exists to expand its car-buying audience and core advertising business. It will change the way of buying cars in the UK by providing the best online car buying experience, enabling all retailers to sell online. AutoTrader’s goal is to establish stronger partnerships with customers, use voice and influence to promote more environmentally friendly vehicle choices, and create an inclusive and diversified culture to truly achieve zero distance in international trade.

The AutoTrader platform provides consumers with an unparalleled selection of new and used car lists, enabling them to search from a market of 485,000 cars, of which 47,000 are new cars per month. From marketing, finance to trading, AutoTrader makes the retailer’s journey easier. Provide retail customers with a range of products and services to help them win in today’s digital car market.

AutoTrader is a 100% digital business. It started operating as a local classified magazine in 1977, and grew and developed together with customers. A small team created the first AutoTrader website in 1996-even two years before Google. In 2008, AutoTrader added to the logo, which shows that people prefer to search for cars online rather than in magazines. With the widespread use of smart phones in 2009, AutoTrader launched a dedicated mobile website to help people search on a smaller screen. The dealer website platform was launched in 2010, allowing dealers to easily build professional websites. In 2013, it successfully completed the transition from printed matter to a fully digital market. On March 24, 2015, the Auto Trader was listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 2019, it acquired KeeResources, a trusted provider of software, data and digital solutions for the automotive industry. In 2021, AutoTrader launched Guaranteed Parts Exchange (‘GPX’) and instant discount products. GPX enables consumers to obtain guaranteed prices for their parts exchange, while real-time quotes enable private sellers to sell their cars at guaranteed prices. The rich history has given AutoTrader nearly 40 years of brand heritage and trust, which is unusual among online companies.

As a reliable foreign trade market and information source, this is an ideal place for export professionals. Whether you are a manufacturer looking to sell products domestically or overseas, or a service provider looking for new customers, AutoTrader can provide unparalleled marketing opportunities.